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November 9, 2017

NN Insurance Hungary works with Cadreon to strengthen its data driven marketing

NN Insurance Hungary has chosen Cadreon to work on its data driven marketing developments. The core of NN’s new approach is a data management platform (DMP) which will enable NN to have unique personalized communication with their prospects as well as help NN to prepare for the upcoming GDPR regulation.

NN’s aim is to “send the relevant messages to the relevant people in the appropriate time on a data driven way.  We don’t want to just send messages but to transmit value”-said Tamás Kocsis, Head of Marketing Technology at NN.
Cadreon the adtech unit of IPG Mediabrands won the opportunity on an open tender which was posted in spring 2017, by the insurance company. The project scope includes the setup of NN’s marketing data strategy and the selection and implementation of the DMP solution. The project officially started in August and now it is in the DMP selection phase.

The data management platform or DMP is a software that collects and manages data used for programmatic media buying. The main advantages of the solution is that the silo problem could be simply solved, meaning the different offline and online data sources can be connected with the DMP which can simultaneously manage them. “One of the big achievement of the project is that we will be able to evolve a consistent costumer view, while we take multiple data sources into consideration. With this we can establish a consistent personalized communication across channels.” -highlighted Tamás Ács, Head of Cadreon CEE.

Cadreon’s Cetral and Eastern European HUB was established 3 years ago in Budapest to manage the programmatic campaigns of IPG’s local agencies in the CEE region. The hub shortly became the regional knowledge centre regarding the programmatic ecosystem and tripled its headcount. Now the campaigns are managed by a team of highly trained and experienced campaign managers companied with skilled account managers responsible for strategy and client relationship. Since the begging of the year Cadreon CEE offers consultancy on marketing technology as well.

September 23, 2015

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